Popcorn Fundraiser
Popcorn Fundraiser

Our second fundraiser has started. The credits on your account can be used for just about anything, and remember if you sell 40 or more items you can use the credit for tuition. Stop by the desk if you have any questions.

Please join our fundraiser by clicking the link below:

Once registered, you'll be able to log in and start selling by simply posting a link to your Facebook or any social media page. Log in from your mobile device to send text messages to close family & friends. Or, you can also send your fundraiser link via email. Good luck and have fun selling!

Seller participation suggestions:
  1. Share links on Facebook or social media (2x a day) because friends/family could be across the United States.
  2. Include a message in your post letting friends/family know (Why, When, What, & How) about your fundraiser.
  3. Let friends/family know they can SHARE your post on their Facebook page (Just like any other post they see on Facebook).
  4. Don't forget to send a text (only when using a cell phone) to friends/family as well.
  5. Here is quick video on how it works: Click Here